Plant Based Nutrition You Say

Plant Based NutritionHe wears his shirt inside out to help people turn others health around. As a former firefighter he has to out-wit the fire. Today he likes to help slay the 5 headed dragon— The bad health dragon. One head is the Heart Disease, one is Breast Cancer, then Prostate Cancer, there’s Diabetes, and lastly Obesity.

The current paradigm that we are using to slay this dragon is not working…

No more pills, procedures, pop open this can and loose weight or get healthy. This method is just not working and we have to make a change.

YOU have to make a change for yourself!

The answer: Plant based nutrition.

All of the above diseases are preventable or reversible by switching to a plant based nutrition plan. I’m talking a plant based strong eating regimen; all types of greens (spinach, kale, chard), fruits, vegetables, whole grain, beans, nuts, seeds.

Take a 28 day challenge.

Give this eating program a chance and see how much better you will feel.

Decide to make Health a Habit. Make better choices.


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